Airbus Group Technology Licensing

As a licensing partner you can benefit from technologies in applications from renewable energy and manufacturing processes to systems for the automotive and aerospace sectors.

An integrated approach

The broad selection of technologies available for licensing are proven, or have been validated in Airbus Group’s product development, enabling companies to enhance production, mature their processes, improve performance and increase safety – all while differentiating themselves in the marketplace and opening new opportunities.

Technology licensing at Airbus Group is coordinated through the Corporate Technical Office, and has the support of top company executives. Managed by the Airbus Group Technology Licensing initiative, these licensing activities benefit from an integrated approach that encompasses all of the company’s business units, activities and operations.

This brings demonstrated expertise in such areas as aeronautics, space, communications infrastructure, materials development, production methods, lean manufacturing, renewable energy, system reliability, security and safety.

The customer-oriented team

Airbus Group Technology Licensing’s team is customer-oriented, accessible, empowered. It is backed by the worldwide resources of a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services from the company’s Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, and Airbus Defence and Space business units.

Contributing to the technology portfolio is Airbus Group Innovations – a global system of technical centres that specialise in such areas as composites and metallics, energy, propulsion, surface and structures engineering, information technology, security services, simulation, electronics, sensors and systems integration.

To facilitate the application and use of Airbus Group's licensed technologies, the company offers training, engineering support as well as assistance in the establishment of processes and procedures – which lowers risk, saves time and money, and ensures success. In addition, the licensing procedures in place at Airbus Group reduce the time required for implementation, minimise risk of patent infringement and ensure that all controls and processes are applied.


Technologies for licensing

Technologies for licensing

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