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Here you can read the latest developments regarding Airbus Group Technology Licensing, which covers partnerships from India to Russia.

From aircraft to everyday products: Feasibility studies are demonstrating the benefits of licensing Airbus Group’s composite expertise

Image From aircraft to everyday products: Feasibility studies are demonstrating the benefits of licensing Airbus Group’s composite expertise

Airbus Group Technology Licensing is bringing the high-flying technologies from the Group’s airplanes, rockets and helicopters even closer to reality for other industries through its increasing focus on feasibility studies. 

Underscoring the technology transfer initiative’s customer-centric approach, feasibility studies are conducted in close collaboration with partners.  

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News & Events

07.06.2016 From aircraft to everyday products: Feasibility studies are demonstrating the benefits of licensing Airbus Group’s composite expertise
18.12.2015 Airbus Group Corporate Technical Office hosts Open Innovation workshop
19.10.2015 Airbus Group Technology Licensing marks a key milestone with the successful transfer of VAP® technology to TsAGI
01.09.2015 Airbus Group Technology Licensing’s activities in Russia expand with new agreements
07.08.2015 Airbus Group teams with Carbon Studio in bringing composite technology licensing solutions to Russian industry
12.06.2015 Metalloobrabotka International Exhibition: Exploring opportunities in the metalworking industry
12.05.2015 Inventor profile: At the heart of the Airbus Group’s DeltaN FS® technology
24.04.2015 An innovative aircraft interior technology in Airbus Group Technology Licensing’s portfolio wins a prestigious cabin award
10.03.2015 Opportunities to benefit from Airbus Group’s composites expertise are featured at JEC Europe 2015
09.03.2015 Airbus Group Technology Licensing takes center stage at Composites-Expo 2015
11.02.2015 Airbus Group Technology Licensing’s automotive campaign heads to the Land of the Rising Sun
22.01.2015 Driving innovation forward: Airbus Group Technology Licensing concludes its successful visit to North America
21.01.2015 The Airbus Group Technology Licensing portfolio expands with a concept for reducing waste volume in passenger cabins
12.01.2015 Airbus Group Technology Licensing kicks off its latest outreach to North America
28.11.2014 Maserati signs an agreement to access Airbus Group Innovations technology portfolio
18.11.2014 Setting sail: Licensed use of Airbus Group technology is explored for maritime applications
23.10.2014 Bringing it all together: Mazak debuts its new machining centers with DeltaN FS® technology
08.10.2014 The world’s newest-certified airliner utilizes the Airbus-patented AFDX® data network
08.09.2014 A “driven” approach: New partnership agreement expands Airbus Group Technology Licensing in North America with an automotive focus
23.07.2014 NEXEYA signs for licensed use of the AFDX® data network
19.06.2014 Inventor profile: “Tying it all together” for a new hybrid structure
17.06.2014 Going into orbit: Airbus Group Technology Licensing explores potential spacecraft uses for the AFDX® data network
13.06.2014 Airbus Group Technology Licensing makes a high-profile appearance at Technoprom 2014
21.05.2014 New partnerships expand the outreach of Airbus Group Technology Licensing
18.04.2014 Working together: Airbus Group Technology Licensing channel partner Concept Systems benefits from the Group’s technical expertise
09.04.2014 Inventor profile: New concepts take flight with a designer’s creativity
31.03.2014 Airbus partners with Auto-Kabel in bringing innovative Plug & Twist electrical connectors to the automotive industry
25.02.2014 New partnership opportunities explored during Airbus Group Technology Licensing’s trip to Russia
03.02.2014 Airbus Group Technology Licensing extends its outreach to Tatarstan
23.01.2014 Technology licensing initiative benefits from the rebranded Airbus Group’s increased synergy
16.01.2014 With a new identity, Airbus Group Technology Licensing is ready to build on its 2013 achievements
26.11.2013 Tied Foam Core technology for composite sandwich structures enters the EADS technology licensing portfolio
14.10.2013 Partnerships increase the availability of EADS’ licensed DeltaN FS® friction-stir welding technology
30.09.2013 A new Russian outreach for EADS Technology Licensing
16.09.2013 Viveris Technologies joins the EADS-licensed users of the AFDX® data network technology
06.09.2013 Consulting and support services offered with new EADS start-up
02.09.2013 The EADS Technology Licensing initiative continues its momentum in 2013
20.06.2013 EADS signs new agreements to license its AFDX® data network and DeltaN FS® technologies to U.S. and European companies
19.06.2013 New momentum for technology licensing in Russia 
10.06.2013 EADS technology licensing continues its Canadian auto industry focus
25.04.2013 DeltaN FS® technology applications for car body manufacturing are spotlighted at an international conference
27.03.2013 Patent compliance sought for users of the AFDX® data network
28.02.2013 The EADS Technology Licensing initiative concludes its successful outreach to Canada’s automotive sector

EADS technology matching is explored with the Canadian auto sector

26.02.2013 EADS Technology Licensing visits continue in Canada’s “automotive corridor”
25.02.2013 Canadian meetings initiate EADS’ licensing contacts with the auto/transportation industry
22.02.2013 EADS Technology Licensing expands its horizons to Russia
21.02.2013 Automotive industry outreach begins for EADS Technology Licensing
02.11.2012 Partnership success with EADS’ DeltaN FS® friction-stir welding technology for industrial robots
22.10.2012 The EADS Technology Licensing initiative rolls out a comprehensive roadmap for suppliers
12.09.2012 EADS signs four agreements for the licensing of its patented technologies in avionics networks, production, connectors and testing applications
11.09.2012 Collaboration between EADS and KUKA: License for DeltaN friction-stir welding technology from EADS planned
17.07.2012 India’s TAML has a first-hand look at EADS composite technologies
03.07.2012 EADS opens leading-edge detection technologies for licensing
05.06.2012 Positive reaction to the EADS Technology Licensing initiative’s U.S. outreach
31.05.2012 Technology licensing opportunities are explored with Canada
30.05.2012 EADS’ 2012 technology licensing outreach comes to the U.S.
20.04.2012 DeltaN welding technology marks new milestones
20.04.2012 EADS’ friction-stir welding technology marks new milestones
29.03.2012 JEC Composites show – Day 3: EADS licenses its patented DeltaN friction-stir welding technology to BRÖTJE-Automation
29.03.2012 EADS and MT Aerospace sign an initial agreement to coordinate the licensing of their infusion technologies for composites production
28.03.2012 EADS’ technology licensing portfolio makes its debut at JEC Composites
27.03.2012 JEC Composites show – Day 1: Fiber-patch preforming technology advances at EADS
23.01.2012 A new long-term EADS Technology Licensing relationship is unveiled in India
03.01.2012 India’s automotive industry is the focus of EADS’ next technology licensing outreach
08.12.2011 IP business basics: context, approach & specific considerations
27.10.2011 Russia: a new market focus for EADS Technology Licensing
26.10.2011 EADS broadens the scope of its Technology Licensing Initiative outreach
03.10.2011 Airbus technologies offer a broad range of licensing opportunities
11.07.2011 EADS broadens its technology licensing reach with new European,
Indian agreements
24.06.2011 Technology Licensing takes centre stage at the Paris Air Show
16.05.2011 A successful Indian outreach for EADS Technology Licensing
14.04.2011 Business aviation: A growing market for EADS Technology Licensing
31.03.2011 The EADS Technology Licensing Initiative comes to India
30.03.2011 New methods and techniques offered for composites production
29.03.2011 A “fast-track” look at licensed technology for composites
25.03.2011 EADS composites licensing opportunities at the JEC exhibition in Paris
23.03.2011 Reaching an internal EADS audience for Technology Licensing
04.03.2011 EADS launches its Technology Licensing feasibility services
20.12.2010 A Ministerial technology spotlight at Trans-Textil
30.09.2010 Webinar highlights EADS technology licensing
03.09.2010 EADS technology licensing showcased in publication
16.07.2010 Mid-year review marks new progress 
09.06.2010 The EADS Technology Licensing initiative expands its scope 
08.06.2010 EADS Technology Licensing initiative's new agreements
04.06.2010 The EADS Technology Licensing initiative
03.05.2010 The automotive industry
16.04.2010 New agreement at the JEC Composites show
15.04.2010 JEC Composites show: Day 3
14.04.2010 JEC Composites show: Day 2
13.04.2010 JEC Composites show: Day 1
17.03.2010 EADS’ technology licensing activity in 2010
15.03.2010 2010 JEC Composites show
25.11.2009 PATEV to provide long-term support
20.11.2009 India’s evolving industries
14.10.2009 New Internet presence
11.10.2009 Letter from… Jean Botti, EADS Chief Technical Officer




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