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Bringing innovative technology down to Earth

As a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services, Airbus Group has a wide range of patented technologies that are well suited to the automotive industry’s requirements for a new generation of fuel-efficient, eco-friendly and more-electric vehicles.

Partnership agreements with Airbus Group Technology Licensing offer a unique opportunity for automotive industry companies – including manufacturers and their equipment suppliers – to take advantage of Airbus Group’s advanced capabilities in such areas as lightweight structures, advanced electronics, improved propulsion systems and better aerodynamics.

Airbus Group technologies offer “bumper to bumper” solutions that enable its partners to improve productivity, enhance quality, reduce time-to-market, decrease research and development costs and optimize production cycles – all while remaining focused on their core businesses. Licensing opportunities for the automotive sector are offered for individual technologies or through long-term strategic partnerships – called Technology Transfer Framework agreements – that allow partners to leverage a broad selection of expertise.

The Airbus Group Technology Licensing initiative is backed by the resources of Airbus Group’s divisions and operations: Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, Airbus Defence and Space and Airbus Group Innovations – which facilitate low-risk implementation of licensed technologies by customers, with the ability to provide engineering support and training, as well assist in establishing processes and procedures.

Technology Transfer Framework agreement

With a specific focus on the automotive industry, Airbus Group Technology Licensing also has developed a Technology Transfer Framework agreement that allows partners to evaluate a wide range of potentially “game-changing” solutions.

This multi-year arrangement offers in-depth reviews from a broad spectrum of Airbus Group capabilities covering manufacturing processes, production methods, metallic and composites expertise, systems integration and other know-how, as well as ongoing support from the company’s engineers and experts.

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