Technologies for licensing

A full range of mature and proven technologies are available from the patent portfolios of all Airbus Group business units and divisions.

The following selection provides a sample of the intellectual property, patents and know-how offered through Airbus Group Technology Licensing. (Click on the technology of interest for additional details):

Composites and related manufacturing technologies

Technology Developer
Automated fiber-patch preforming Airbus Group Innovations
Erosion protection coatings  Airbus Group Innovations

VAP® composite technology                        

Airbus Group
STINGTECH Airbus and Airbus Group Innovations


Metallics and related manufacturing technologies

Technology Developer
Laser beam welding of
high-performance alloys
Airbus Group Innovations,
in collaboration with
Airbus and Premium 
Laser cleaning technology for
surface preparation
Scalmalloy® aluminium-magnesium
-scandium alloy
Airbus Group Innovations
Scalmalloy® RP aluminium-magnesium
-scandium alloy powder
Airbus Group Innovations

Green technologies

Technology Developer
Metallic riblet surfaces for aircraft
drag and skin friction reduction
Airbus Group Innovations
Zero-splice air inlet for jet engines Airbus


Safety-related and homeland security technologies

Technology Developer           
First limit indicator display Airbus Helicopters
Halon-free fire extinguisher technologies Airbus
Laser Ion Mobility Spectrometry (LIMS) Airbus Defence and Space
TCAS alert prevention (TCAP) Airbus


Communications infrastructure technologies

Technology Developer     
AFDX® data network Airbus
Plug & Twist electrical connector Airbus


Aircraft cabin interior technologies

Technology Developer
Holographic displays Airbus, Airbus Defence and
Space, Airbus Group Innovations
Premium passenger seats for airliners Airbus
On-board trash compactor Airbus


Airport infrastructure and building construction

Technology Developer
“Stealth” technology for buildings near runways Airbus Group Innovations, Airbus



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