A full range of configurations for first class, business class and premium economy class seating are offered for use in aircraft cabin interior layouts that meet airlines’ specific service offering requirements.


A variety of seating options, along with the arrangement/placement of modules, dividing walls, storage areas, and cabin positioning are offered.

Defined seating arrangements include:

  • First class suites, created with two transverse walls extending from a longitudinal cabin wall up to a longitudinal aisle; a longitudinal wall separating the cabin module from the aisle; an access point from the aisle to each personal space. This configuration ensures an ample bedding surface for the passenger.
  • First class mini-suites, formed with a cabin module of elongated rectangular shape, with two initial walls connected by two other walls smaller than the first; a door mounted in an opening implemented in a wall separating the module from an aisle; and the seat, positioned longitudinally in relation to a direction of movement of the aircraft. Each module is configured to create a bedding surface for the passenger.
  • Business class full-flat seats, with the availability of three seating arrangements comprising wider and narrower seat options. The seats are staggered, with the first part of a seat facing the second, narrower seat portion. Staggered or offset placement of the seats allows direct access to the aisle for every passenger, and each seat is convertible to a horizontal flat bed.
  • Business class/first class convertible layout, arranged in a spacious seating configuration with full flexibility for the changeover between first class to business class within a specified turnaround time. The sevenabreast arrangement (four + three) allows for a single aisle in a widebody fuselage for long-range aircraft.
  • Premium economy seats that convert into full-flat beds. Its “herringbone” arrangement provides optimum usage of the cabin cross-section, with easy conversion from a comfortable eight-abreast seating in premium economy or 12-abreast in economy, which can be transformed into four-abreast seating that serve as full-flat beds.


Airliner passenger cabins, in both new-fit and cabin refurbishment.

Value-added benefits

The innovative seating arrangements meet passengers’ growing expectations for cabin comfort and services, while also enabling airlines to enhance their in-flight service offering, to increase space efficiency (seat count), and allow for higher earning power and profit potential.


5,000+ business class seats have been licensed since 2009; full-flat premium economy seating is available for airline use.


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