“Stealth” technology for buildings near runways



The use of specific panels, which are tailored with corresponding software, enables buildings to be constructed nearer to runways – creating development opportunities on land at, and around, airports that has remained vacant due to potential interference with signals from instrument landing systems.


Exterior panels allow new buildings to be erected near the vicinity of runways without perturbing safety-critical signals from instrument landing systems (ILS). The panels eliminate, or significantly reduce, ILS signal reflection toward the runway, with their specific configuration tailored on a case-by-case basis using purpose-developed software.


A significant amount of currently-unoccupied land within airport boundaries – as well as in adjacent areas – can be made available for new construction. This opens up possibilities for the creation of hangars, commercial buildings, parking facilities, airport terminals, hotels and other structures.

Value-added benefits

Based on conservative estimates, a total of some 130 square kilometers could be made available for the construction of new facilities at airports around the world when “stealth” panels are utilized.


The panels have been successfully utilized on a newly-built hangar at Toulouse/Blagnac Airport in France, with other treated facilities now in preparation. For wider applications, commercial agreements are being sought with capable channel partners as authorized solution providers.


  • Visit the website of Airbus Prosky, our licensing partner for this technology.

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