The AFDX® backbone network technology enables safe and secure data transfer. It is ideal for demanding applications, and enables the simplification of data exchange compared to previous protocols.


The AFDX® data network provides increased data exchange capabilities, a 1,000-fold bandwidth increase, guaranteed delivery of data with bounded latency, wiring reduction thanks to data multiplexing on single media, high flexibility, non-limitative data format, simplified equipment connectivity and a single interface for emission and reception. This inter-system communication network was developed by Airbus for new-generation aircraft, and is flight-proven on the A380 jetliner and the A400M military airlifter. The solution supports more digital data transfer (for digital audio, smart sensors, smart actuators, Ethernet communication and other applications), is compatible with harsh environmental constraints, and is well-suited for time-critical systems such as aircraft flight controls.


Aerospace and defense, automotive and transportation.

Value-added benefits

The AFDX® data network protocol provides homogeneous end-to-end communication, allowing for the removal of gateways and “exotic” technologies while also enabling the simplification of data exchange compared to previous protocols. The use of a single technology leads to reduced wiring, rapid assembly, and increased reliability, while the removal of digital gateways provides a reduction in weight, volume and costs.


Flight-proven, in service with a growing number of applications worldwide.


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