The Plug & Twist electrical connector provides the force- and form-fitting contact of at least three conductive surfaces, which are extensively compressed when the connection is made. The design ensures safe, high quality contacts for high-current connections, while the contact quality is unaffected by vibration, corrosion or other environmental influences.


This novel high-performance electrical connector uses a simple plug-and-twist action, enabling rapid installation and removal while also providing safe, sure contacts through a force-fitting and form-fitting connection. The Plug & Twist connector offers a next-generation solution to such older methods as bolted contacts (which may fail due to compression settling, clamp load loss or mounting faults), and spring-type high performance contacts (that are susceptible to vibration).


Automotive and vehicle manufacturing, plant engineering, transportation, manufacturing machinery and aerospace.

Value-added benefits

Utilization of the Plug & Twist connector reduces manufacturing production time, ensures safe and fast contacts, and offers the potential for reduced weight. The connector’s enduring, reliable contacts require less monitoring during the operational lifetime and provides the additional benefits of reduced warranty and repairs.


Product definition. Licensed for automotive applications.


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