A single-piece, acoustically-treated inner barrel for jet engine inlets, which is highly effective in reducing the noise created by an engine’s turbine blades and by flow of air entering the inlet.


The zero-splice air inlet is a continuous, single-piece component that is installed in a jet engine’s air inlet, positioned between the inlet lip and the turbine blades. It effectively reduces engine-produced noise by an average of 30 percent. Airbus’ technologies include the precision production of these large single-piece inner barrel components, using precise tooling and mature automated processes for very accurate composite layups; the application of thermoplastic and metallic materials for layers exposed to the effects of erosion in the air inlet; preciselysized and -positioned perforations for acoustic treatment; along with wire mesh and highly precise interior honeycomb sandwich layers with different degrees of freedom – depending upon the noise frequencies.


Jet-powered aircraft, particularly business jets.

Value-added benefits

The zero-splice air inlet technology brings a significant reduction in aircraft noise due to the highly effective acoustic treatment, reduced weight of the inner barrel’s acoustic treatment with the major use of composite material, and reduction in aerodynamic drag inside the air inlet – resulting from the very precise tolerances in the production process for the zero-splice inner barrel acoustic treatment.


In service, available for selected licensing applications.


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