DeltaN FS® system for friction-stir welding



The DeltaN FS® system provides high-quality welding using the solid-state friction stir welding technique.


A challenge in using friction-stir welding with thick sections is the inhomogeneous heat distribution that occurs from the top-side to the root-side of the welded sheet or plate. The Airbus Group-developed DeltaN FS® welding system decreases welding distortion and vertical down-forces on all section thicknesses and creates a nearly fully-symmetrical heat input throughout the welded section’s thickness.

The DeltaN FS® concept puts the high revolutions on the pin, and zero revolutions on the tool’s shoulder. It reduces contrapoints and opens new applications for friction-stir welding, such as dissimilar materials in butt joint configuration.


The DeltaN FS® technology has a variety of commercial applications in the aerospace, automotive, rail, and shipbuilding sectors, heating, consumer electronics, as well as other industries. It is suited for spot welding, fabrication of die cast components, tailor-welded blanks, and the joining of structural crossmembers to longitudinal members in the automotive industry, in addition to welding long aluminum extrusions for the rail and shipbuilding sectors.

Value-added benefits

The DeltaN FS® system generates a superbly smooth welded surface with no need for post-weld machining. With a simple, robust design, it enables a reduction of the welding distortion, and significantly reduces vertical down-force (compared with typical standard tools), thus making the technology available on less expensive systems with lower down-forces. The Airbus Group – and its licensing partners – can create a complete ecosystem for end users of the DeltaN FS® technology.


Available for production applications, with technical consultancy support available for easier introduction and start-up.


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