Laser beam welding of high-performance alloys



During the past 20 years, Airbus Group has developed comprehensive know-how in the successful application of laser beam welding for high-performance alloys, using CO2, Nd-YAG, Yb-YAG gas and solid-state laser sources, as well as diode laser sources. This capability leads to reduced manufacturing costs and improved performance, while also enabling new production capabilities – such as the laser beam-welded aircraft fuselage shells utilized in the airframe of Airbus’ A380 jetliner.


Laser beam welding is characterized by high energy concentration with high welding speed, narrow heataffected zones, and low remaining component distortion after welding. However, laser beam welding with highperformance alloys requires particular process knowledge to ensure stable and robust manufacturing processing.

Airbus Group expertise is applied to laser beam welding with aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and nickel-based alloys, providing process stability and high performance joints, while also opening opportunities for new welded designs.


For use in components of transportation, defense, aerospace, leisure and fashion products.

Value-added benefits

Airbus Group has solved issues for many applications where laser beam welding can respond to requirements for new, more integral designs using high-performance alloys – which are known for their difficult laser beam weldability.


Available for production applications.


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