Scalmalloy® aluminum-magnesium-scandium alloy



Scalmalloy® is Airbus Group’s second-generation aluminummagnesium-scandium alloy (AlMgSc) alloy. It was developed for high and very high-strength extrusions, offering exceptionally high fatigue properties and the same positive manufacturing propensities as AlMgSc sheet material.


Airbus Group’s continued work in AlMgSc alloy technologies resulted in development of the second-generation Scalmalloy® alloy, which offers a material that is strength- and densityadaptable, with exceptional high-fatigue properties. The maximum profile cross-sections for parts produced with Scalmalloy® depends on the billet size, with diameters possible of up to 15-18 inches. Scalmalloy® provides robust solutions for the use of aluminum alloys when high specific strength and exceptional high corrosion resistance are desired – while also offering the additional advantages of robust manufacturing chains and low-cost production schemes. Additionally, it has the highest micro-structure material stability for “low carbon footprint” applications.


For use in components of transportation, defense, aerospace and leisure products.

Value-added benefits

Compared to all other aerospace aluminum alloys, AlMgSc offers a unique high-level of corrosion resistance, which allows the material’s use without cladding and to simplify the conversion from hexavalent chromium (CrVI) compounds.

AlMgSc alloys show excellent weldability both for laser beam and friction stir welding, benefitting from robustness of the processes and the excellent properties of their welded joints.


Available for production applications.


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