This eco-friendly fire extinguisher incorporates a totally new design approach allowing the traditionally used Halon 1301 extinction agent – harmful to the environment – to be replaced by NOVEC 1230, which does not degrade the ozone layer nor contribute to the atmosphere’s greenhouse effect.


Due to the physical properties of NOVEC 1230 (which is liquid in normal pressure and temperature conditions), the simple replacement of Halon by this new environmentally-friendly product in fire extinguisher applications is not possible. Therefore, new fire extinguisher designs – fully adapted to the NOVEC 1230 characteristics – have been evolved, along with the implementation of several innovative technological building blocks.

Multiple possibilities for the extinguisher’s pressurization have been developed to accommodate NOVEC 1230’s physical properties of: a cold gas system (“Gasogene”); a hot gas system (pyrotechnic gas generator); and a hybrid system. In addition, weight-compensation measures are incorporated through optimized agent spraying efficiency due to two separate discharge phases: the extinguishing agent discharge phase, followed by depressurization and the piping cleaning phase.


Aviation, ground transportation systems (including electrically-powered vehicles), submarines and military vehicles.

Value-added benefits

The elimination of Halon removes a fire extinction agent that is being forbidden for use due to its extremely negative impact on the environment.


System demonstration and validation completed; ready for operational applications.


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