Technology applications

Licensing opportunities with Airbus Group can be applied to a full range of domains, including systems, equipment and processes.

The following listings provide examples from the many areas that can benefit from technologies available for licensing with Airbus Group, its business units and operations.


Advanced Production Methods and Processes


Components for machine tools  Laser-beam welding
Computer aided design Metalworking by chemical means
Creep forming technology Other metalworking techniques
Cutting/drilling/rotating Pipe/cable supports
Data simulation for aircraft,
simulators and
manufacturing/production applications
Door assemblies Virtual reality for development and production
Joining of structural elements                       Working of sheet metal or metal profiles


Communications Infrastructure


AFDX® data network Optical cordless communications
Data transmission Professional mobile radios
Digital data processing Receivers/decoders
Digital signal processing “Stealth” technology for buildings near runways
On-board computers                               Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA)


Composite Materials & Manufacturing


Erosion protection coatings          Moulding
Fibre treatment Preforms
Fibre-patch placement Sandwich panels
Joining, after-treatment VAP® (Vacuum Assisted Process)
Metallic fibres/layers  

Energy & Propulsion


Actuator systems Gas turbine/jet propulsion plants
Components Piezoelectric
Electrical coupling Powerplant fuel supply
Electrical energy supplies         Rotors
Fuel cells Turbine assemblies

Green Technologies


Acoustic treatment On-board trash compaction
Halon-free fire extinguishers                                   Metallic riblets (aircraft drag & skin friction reduction) 
Wind farm blade production/protection technologies  


Metallic Materials and Surface Engineering


Aluminium alloys Wall constructions/insulation
Laser cleaning for surface

Security and Safety


Acoustic absorbers Explosive detection
Active noise control Fire extinguishers
Active vibration control Interior/passenger accommodation
Aircraft cabin seating
Plug & Twist electrical connectors
Air treatment, heating and cooling “Stealth” technology for buildings
near runways
Chemical hazard detection Traffic alert and collision avoidance
Emergency device equipment Water supplies


Sensors, Electronics & Systems Integration


Aerodynamic testing Load-carrying paragliding systems
Air data measurement systems              Measurement systems with fault detection
Aluminium wiring 
Angular rate sensors
Antennas Non-destructive testing
Circuit board/housing/bonding Operations and maintenance
Control systems Optical sensors
Defrosting equipment Plug & Twist electrical connectors
Distance measurement Photometry/spectrometry
Gas sensors Route control/guidance
Holographic display screens Signal processing methods and devices
Imaging systems Structural element measurements
Instruments Target detection/classification
Ion mobility spectrometers Traffic control
Lighting protection gear Waveguide/coupling



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