Technology videos

See Airbus Group-patented technologies in action with our growing online collection of informational video clips.

The videos below showcase select leading-edge technologies that are available for licensing from Airbus Group. These innovations – which can be applied across a number of sectors – are proven, or have been validated in Airbus Group’s product development.


Creep forming

As a manufacturing process at elevated temperatures, creep forming has a wide range of potential applications – including its use for aerospace sector production in conjunction with Airbus Group’s Scalmalloy® aluminum-magnesium-scandium alloy.



Laser beam welding of high-performance alloys

Airbus Group’s successful application of laser beam welding for high-performance alloys leads to reduced manufacturing costs and improved performance, while also enabling new production capabilities.




STINGTECH is a new method for reinforcing sandwich materials, which uses tied foam core technology to produce lightweight, cost-effective structures that offer improved damage tolerance and mechanical flexibility.



Uniaxial braiding and fiber-patch preforming

Developed by Airbus Group, uniaxial braiding and fibre-patch preforming are two technologies pursued by the company to expand industrial applications of carbon.


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