Implementation & Support

Our Technology Licensing initiative enables you as a licensee to access Airbus Group's €30 billion investment in research & development.

Partnerships and tailor-made solutions

It provides a single point of access into the company's design, development, engineering and production resources, and benefits from capabilities across the company’s global network of design bureaus, technical centres, laboratories and production facilities.

This opens opportunities for tailor-made solutions in partnership relationships that differ from the transactional approaches offered by other large companies.

Through the access to mapped technologies, Airbus Group Technology Licensing provides flexible licensing and royalty models that suit the customers’ requirements, with technologies available for multiple industries and applications.

A successful track record

The initiative already has overseen successful technology transfers within the aerospace industry and to sectors that include automotive, renewable energy, homeland security, safety and industrial manufacturing.

The Airbus Group Technology Licensing team is ready to work with customers of all sizes, while the established internal procedures at Airbus Group ensure technologies are vetted and ready for transfer – based on processes that guarantee compliance with company regulations and governmental controls.

Additionally, Airbus Group experts are available to work with potential licensees on feasibility and application studies, identifying business cases, and tailoring the technology offer that is best adapted to customers’ specific needs.


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