Licensing process

We provide the broadest range in technology licensing opportunities of any company, with the advantage of offering "clusters" that meet – and surpass – our customers' expectations.

Working with us

To facilitate the application and use of Airbus Group's licensed technologies, the company offers training, engineering support and assistance in the establishment of processes and procedures – which lowers risk, saves time and money, and ensures success.

An “approach & engagement process” establishes a multi-step process from initial customer contacts to the licensing agreement and technology transfer, and may include feasibility studies at customer request.

World-class marketing partners

To widen its commercial outreach around the globe, Airbus Group Technology Licensing works with three marketing partners: Cheers Interactive, PATEV and motormindz.

Cheers Interactive is a global custom research and analytics organization, serving Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries in the areas of research and development, technology, intellectual property and business intelligence.

PATEV is Airbus Group’s European licensing partner. The company audits, evaluates and shapes patent portfolios, lends the right design to technologies and inventions, provides consulting support in corporate processes associated with patents and in making use of patents, and the search for licensees and licensors around the world. 

Airbus Group Technology Licensing process

Image Airbus Group Technology Licensing process

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